The consultant Mohamed Talal Anani

an expert in safety, security and occupational health and a certified international trainer who holds more than 75 certificates issued by academies, institutes and scientific societies specialized in this field. He is also a certified trainer from the Ministry of Health and the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training, a certified international trainer and an active member of more than 29 academies, institutes and international societies as well, and the employee at the Health Control Centers Department at King Abdul-Aziz International Airport in Jeddah, who has a strong job record due to his experience and competence as one of the most important internationally accredited experts and trainers, and one of the most important functional cadres that are relied upon in critical times. And who provided his services and expertise in the field of security, safety and occupational health to a large number of governmental and private institutions. Which is looking for experts specialized in security, safety, occupational health and risk management to preserve assets, human and material resources. Including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education, King Abdul-Aziz University, Jazan University, Jeddah University, Electricity Company, Al Arabia Cement Factory, Saudi Shrimp Company, Radwa Company, Mahmoud Saeed Company, Rubaiyat Company, Quality Ice Cream Factory, Al Tazaj Factory, Nando’s Chain of Restaurants, Cooperative Societies. And through his practical and field trip, he was able to contribute to improving the efficiency of the work environment in the places to which he has joined the job or to which he provided services and efforts as a delegated expert, and to contribute to protecting them from problems, challenges and dangers that threaten the security, safety and health of workers and employees and reduce the life span of tools, machines and equipment used in the workplace It enhances the protection of capital, stimulates the economy and contributes to the continuity of production in a healthy and safe environment.

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Through his pioneering career, he was chosen to participate in the field in building rapid response plans, actual intervention and rescue in many crises, emergencies, disasters and mega-events, including the Jeddah flood accident in 2010 and 2011, with the aim of decisive intervention to save lives and provide subsequent support for the injured and remove the impact of the disaster, as well as building Plans and rapid intervention during the fall of the crane at the Grand Mosque in Mecca in 2015, as well as during the stampede of pilgrims in Mina in 2015, and other highly complex accidents and disasters that required efficiency in planning and bold intervention to rescue and effective treatment of the crisis and dealing with it efficiently and wisely, this made him one of the most active and distinguished human elements when planning and dealing with crises, emergencies and disasters, and his efforts were used in planning and management processes in many projects, and he was assigned by many ministries and governmental and private institutions in order to evaluate buildings and facilities and prepare emergency plans, training and awareness programs, etc. Of the tasks and related work, which is what made him a knight of inspiration and development in the security, safety and occupational health sector, and made it the interest of those looking for learning and benefit as one of the most important international trainers known for their competence in training, education and development.

Services provided by the consultant Mohamed Anani:



Provide training, assistance, knowledge assistance and specialized consultations for managers, supervisors and workers in security, safety and occupational health departments in various institutions and sectors

Preparing and evaluating security, safety and occupational health policies and procedures in various buildings and facilities.

Preparing and evaluating emergency plans for all governmental and private agencies and institutions.

Providing consultancy specialized in engineering safety for public and private institutions.

Evaluating buildings and structures to obtain :

  • Establishment Safety Permit from Saudi Civil Defense.
  • Accreditation of the Saudi Center for Accreditation of Health Facilities FMS – CBAHI
  • JCI accreditation

The consultant Mohamed Anani’s vision:

Raise the culture of security, safety and occupational health and transform it into an integral part in all sectors and fields of work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular and the Arab world in general in order to become safer through the application of systems, standards, policies and procedures for security, safety and occupational health with fruitful cooperation between employers and workers to reduce the causes of injuries and diseases Professionalism and mortality so that all workers can return home safely every day.

The consultant Mohamed Anani’s message:

Spreading awareness and a culture of security, safety and occupational health in the various workplaces to ensure the continuation of safe and healthy work that ensures the safety of workers through the necessary training and continuous education of workers.

The consultant Mohamed Anani's goals:

Improving the quality of professional practices that serve the objectives of security, safety and occupational health in various fields and work sites, in a manner that gives production bodies the ability to continue work.

Raising awareness and education rates on security, safety and occupational health in society, and promoting a culture of continuous learning and training based on observation, understanding and simulation, in order to achieve the greatest goals of preserving the human spirit and the continuity of work in a safe environment

Express opinion and provide advice that derives its strength from actual practices and access to the latest technologies on all regulations, policies and legislation related to security, safety and occupational health in various work sites.

Enhancing the roles and tasks of public and private bodies with similar goals and objectives in the region and the world, through partnership and cooperation efforts and providing the necessary knowledge and advisory support.


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